Advanced SEO Techniques to Take Your Website to the Next Level


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a critical component of digital marketing. It entails optimising your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more organic traffic. While basic SEO techniques like optimising website content, using relevant keywords, and building backlinks can help improve your website’s visibility, advanced SEO techniques can take it to the next level. In this blog, we’ll discuss some advanced SEO techniques that can help you boost your website’s search engine ranking and attract more visitors.

Please read through the blog to unravel how the best digital marketing agencies in Chennai, with the help of SEO professionals, implement the below-mentioned strategies to make their website and business get an edge over others.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic to unravel the best-advanced SEO techniques to take your digital marketing game a notch.

Advanced SEO techniques to implement

Presenting the advanced SEO techniques to boost rankings and garner a competitive edge over others. Implementing them in this competitive era is vital to drive business growth, increase traffic, and secure high conversions.

1. Conduct an SEO Audit for your website

An SEO audit is one of the pivotal SEO advanced techniques you should apply. Conducting the audit will give you wealthy information about how the website is performing in the search engines and how well the indexing is conducted. Several SEO tools provide insightful information about website performance, engagement, and conversions.

SEO Audit for your website

SEO audit helps to keep the website up-to-date with the latest algorithms and trends, which helps to increase website traffic and garner more revenue. It helps to identify the website issues, content, and optimisation for better rankings. In a nutshell, it helps you to progress your track and achieve your SEO goals effectively.

2. Master internal linking

One of the advanced SEO techniques that can help improve your website visibility and search engine rankings. Internal linking refers to linking to other pages within your website, which helps search engines better understand the structure and content of your site.

Master internal linking
  • Develop a clear site structure or hierarchy for search engines to understand the website content for better indexing and crawling.
  • Use sitemaps that offer a map to the search engines regarding the site’s content structure.
  • Monitor broken links for effective SEO practices and efforts.

3. Optimise for Page speed

It is one of the best-advanced SEO techniques that helps enhance user experience, reduce bounce rates, and increase engagement with faster loading speed. Furthermore, because page speed is a ranking factor in search engine algorithms, faster sites may increase rankings. Page speed optimization can also lead to lower server costs because fewer server resources are required to deliver content to users. Improving page speed can significantly impact website traffic, engagement, and search engine rankings in general.

Page speed

4. Add long-tail keywords

These are meant to target the niche audience, enabling the website to rank high on the search engine results page and garner more potential traffic. By incorporating long-tail keywords in the content, you can enhance the website’s search engine visibility, enhance engagement, and garner more valuable leads to the site. Delivering high-quality content that resonates with the target audience is vital.

long-tail keywords

5. Optimise for featured snippets

By performing this technique, it enables garnering more visibility and increasing potential traffic to the website. It helps to appear at the top of the search engine results page and makes websites more authoritative and credible among users.

featured snippets

Furthermore, featured snippets can improve user experience by providing quick and concise responses to search queries. Websites should focus on creating high-quality content that answers common user questions and uses relevant keywords to optimise for featured snippets to enhance credibility.

6. Ensure the site is mobile responsive

A mobile responsive website helps improve a website’s search engine rankings as Google prioritizes websites accessible by users with good navigational experience. It is vital to ensure a mobile responsive website in this digital era as several users are accessing the website through their mobile devices despite the size and orientation. Thus the aim is to enhance the user experience by offering excellent navigational services.

mobile responsive

7. Don’t neglect Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text, also known as “Alt tags” or “Alt attributes,” is a description of an image included in a website’s HTML code. It is important to include Image Alt text on websites for a search engine to understand the image and improve the user experience. While writing the Image Alt text, ensure it is descriptive and concise and avoid using generic descriptions for effective search engine optimisation efforts.

8. Add Schema Markup to your website

By adding the Schema Markup to the website, the search engines understand the content better and improve the website’s online visibility and leads. Choosing appropriate schema markups and testing them is vital to ensure they are working precisely. It can be performed via several SEO plugin tools or structured data testing tools to enhance click-through rates, search engine rankings, and user experience.

9. Build SEO-optimized landing pages for products

It is vital to create an optimised landing page for products and services with high-quality content that is informative and engaging for the users. The landing page should comprise descriptive and attention-grabbing headlines with appropriate keywords in the product category.

SEO-optimized landing pages for products

To rank well, it should also have high-quality images, customer reviews, and testimonials that provide social proof to enhance credibility and trust among users. You can create an attractive landing page that drives valuable leads and conversions by including the above elements.

10. Update Google My Business listing

Google My Business listing is one of the advanced local SEO techniques prominently used by marketing professionals, which drives potential leads to the website. It helps improve visibility, increasing the chances of users finding tour businesses and attracting more traffic to the website. Listing a website helps develop a professional digital presence and build user credibility.

Google My Business listing

When users find your company on Google, they can easily navigate to your website with a single click, allowing them to learn more about your company, products, and services. This improves the user experience and increases the likelihood that they will interact with your company. Users are more likely to take action and purchase if you provide more information about your company and products.

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Wrapping Up

We hope the above-listed SEO techniques gave you valuable insights on how to implement them successfully to take your digital marketing game a notch and make your business reach great heights of success. Understanding and implementing them successfully to ensure high engagement, visibility, and search engine rankings is vital.

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