10 Techniques to Boost Social Signals for SEO

Techniques to Boost Social Signals for SEO

As an SEO professional, you would never deny the importance of social signals to optimize content for search engines. However, it is vital to have a checklist of strategies to boost social signals for SEO. Read through the blog to unravel the fundamentals of social rankings, their impact on SEO, and how you can improve them. 

SEO is pivotal for any business that aims to have an excellent online digital presence and garner quality website traffic. SEO impacts search visibility, lead generation, building credibility, and link opportunities.

Improving search engine rankings can be a challenging and daunting task; however, with quality content resonating with the audience and effective optimization, SEO can boost your rankings. 

According to sources, every day, approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated globally. Finding your content in this swarm of content be challenging. 

Thus, implementing SEO strategies and executing them effectively will help you stand out. Try skyrocketing your SEO strategies instead of focusing on other things, like blog SEO. 

SEO and social signals do not have a proportional relationship. However, an attempt to boost or leverage social media efforts can correlate and have an impact on SEO strategies and enhance digital presence. Thus, these two factors contribute a significant task for digital marketers to up their level game and drive quality traffic. 

What are Social Signals? 

Social signals refer to the human interaction metrics on several social media platforms and content profiles. From an SEO standpoint, these refer to signals that help search engines to understand and unravel the credibility, reliability, and usability of a user or profile. 

Some examples are as follows: include 

  • likes, dislikes, votes, and pins 
  • Connections, shares, and retweets to showcase the popularity and usage of the piece of content or posts. 
  • History of social signals being a ranking factor

Several things could be improved about social signals playing a pivotal role in ranking, boosting rankings, and enhancing digital presence. However, Google had sent contradictory signals – with Matt Cutts stating in a video that social signals act as a ranking factor.  

Four years later, Cutts released another video stating that social signals such as Twitter Follows and Facebook Likes do not affect search rankings.

In recent years, several studies have been conducted to determine if social signals enhance organic SEO rankings.

Nonetheless, the interview’s main takeaway is that social signals are increasingly crucial for link-building. The indirect impact of social media on SEO is worth knowing. 

  • Increased inbound links and citations
  • The decreased amount of bounce rates and enhanced user experience

Let us list the ways where social media can affect SEO strategies, which are as follows: 

  • Substantial content distribution
  • Enhances visibility and brand awareness
  • Improves brand recognition and reputation
  • Enhances organic traffic, and local SEO efforts

How do Social Signals impact SEO?

  • Social media profiles can enable higher rankings
  • Social shares can improve backlinks
  • Quality content can work well for effective search results
  • Grab all link opportunities
  • Helps to elevate user engagement for a lifespan

10 Techniques to boost social signals for effective SEO efforts 

1. Create link-building opportunities( backlinks)

Every influencer would share tips to improve social media presence and amplify link-building efforts to enhance engagement. However, there are no shortcuts to link-building efforts; extending content’s reach and visibility would help stand out.

Building natural and high-quality backlinks can be a daunting task. However, it is vital to make them with consistent efforts. Imagine, as a marketer, if you could multiply your link-building efforts without spending multiple expensive tools. 

If social media strategies are used promptly, your content will increase visibility and enhance readability, and if kept simple and promoted well, improve rankings. 

“I’ve come across numerous pieces of content on social media that have left a great impression. I may save it for later use, usually as a citation or quote in one of my posts”.

2. Satisfy the audience’s whims/ expectations

Remember that audience is your priority. Knowing and understanding what your audience wants and meeting their expectations is vital. 

Let us look at the pointers of how to satisfy the audience whim’s expectations, which are as follows:

Monitor online discussions of users.
Visit competitor’s page to understand how they engage with audience
Improvise your strategy after analysing the competitors. 
Ask the users, their valuable feedback, and implement or execute them effectively.

3. Claim your knowledge panel

It is vital to update the knowledge panels that appear on the search engines when we search for entities and sources. 

The knowledge panels get automatically generated with updated information from several sources. 

It is vital to claim them for your business if the knowledge panels have an appearance. 

You can follow these few steps to claim your business knowledge panel

  • Go to Google search results and search in the ‘About’ section. 
  • Search for the entity that you represent or looking for. 
  • Lastly, click the knowledge panel, and claim it. 

4. Enhancing social media efforts (Establish and build your brand presence)

Social media plays a pivotal role in enhancing SEO and engagement. Social media indirectly influences several factors and ensures to drive potential web traffic to the sites. 

Publish helpful content that enables users to become brand advocates and enhance word-of-mouth communication. 

Let us look at several points on how social media can help to support and enhance SEO strategies to boost rankings: 

How Social Media can help to support and enhance SEO

It is vital to show creative and informative content that has an edge over others, that will make your brand or site more competitive. 
Social media profiles helps to garner more site traffic, with the help of followers. 
Maintain consistent interaction and implement authoritative SEO to reinforce brand recognition. 
Generate user-friendly content which helps to enrich the site rank and traffic organically. 

5. Use paid social ads to support your best content

Creating the best content would no longer stand as a solid pillar to drive potential traffic if not endorsed with paid social ads or initiatives.

A quicker way to double up the SEO game, and get decent traffic numbers and conversion rates, is to incorporate paid media marketing strategy to enhance user engagement. 

These play a significant role in boosting organic searches of several platforms, which are seen to be declining soon, and losing user engagement. 

With paid social media ads or strategies, you can get valuable insights on the performance metrics, like click-through rate, bounce rate and overall ROI, and work on them effectively. Brainstorm ideas under your paid social media budget. 

For example: if you’re generating ten shares on Facebook, it can be a simple routine for your business. However, generating 50-60 shares on several social media platforms can make you stand out among others competitively and make it popular too. 

Paid advertising can help your content go viral if implemented appropriately. 

6. Add Social Plugins

You can add social signals for users to share the content on several social media channels or platforms. It is one of the best ways to improve visibility and traffic and generate quality backlinks for the website. 

Are users more likely to share the website content if they find it easier to do so?

Social plugins benefit your content management system and allow users to share high-quality content on several social media channels. Websites with a solid social media presence have great chances of higher conversion rates and brand recognition. 

7. Use social interaction to enhance the SEO game

Social media is the best platform to exhibit your customer services, generate more conversions, and improve traffic. It’s time to level up your SEO game by enhancing social interactions. 

  • The easiest way to attract social interaction in the SEO game is to enable users to share the website content with several other users from their social feeds. When you use WordPress to publish content, you make integrating content-sharing functionality into your site easier. Simply installing one of the following plugins will provide users with a plethora of options for syndicating links back to your pages. 
  • Add infographics: If you’re running your website content, add infographics or include a graphical representation in a certain way that will add unique insight to the content. You can link the infographics to the commercial pages of your site and add an easy-to-click social sharing plugin to your website page. 

 8. Promptly respond to comments & share

When you interact with customers on social media and demonstrate your niche expertise, you can build a loyal following and even turn your customers into brand ambassadors. People will share or like your posts and spread the word about your brand to their families and friends. This can lead to more shares, likes, comments, and sales.

9. Build relationships through active Conversations

Have you heard the term’ social proof’? It refers to taking action to buy with others’ cues. Therefore likes and shares play a pivotal role in enhancing your brand trust and credibility towards customers. It is one of the crucial steps to boost the SEO game. 

How do you garner these likes and shares? Publish valuable and helpful content, and garner engagement from the audience. Because people have a short attention span, your posts must grab their attention as soon as possible. 

10. Make your content more clickable with Twitter cards and Open Graph tags:

Leverage the potential of Twitter and open graph tags to make your web pages more engaging with users. There is a way for marketers to control how their content appears on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can control the social media content generated by your page through social meta tags.

Social share optimisation is the key to gaining social media presence and building visibility. You can use Twitter and open graph tags as a social media testing ground and tweak the content and images based on the social media channel. 

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Wrapping Up 

Are you looking to transform your business digitally and boost social signals? You can enhance your social media presence, building trust and credibility. The above-listed pointers would have given you a valuable idea of leveraging social media to boost SEO efforts. What are you waiting for? Collaborate with the best digital marketing agency- Digital Foaster, and increase your online presence and ranking efforts. 


1. Can you list some examples of social signals? 

There are several examples of social signals on several social media platforms. On Youtube, they include views, thumbs up, and comments. On Facebook, they comprise likes and shares; on Twitter, they refer to retweets, quotes and conversations. 

2. How do you use social signals for SEO? 

You can optimise social media profiles and enhance social media interactions to level your SEO game. Claim your knowledge panel, and build relationships through high conversations. Respond promptly to users, and promote your content regularly. 

3. How can social media help to improve SEO rankings? 

As marketers, sharing quality content helps generate high traffic, improve visibility, and enhance conversions. Several platforms help market the content and spread effective word-of-mouth communication. 

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