15 Recommended WordPress Security Plugins To Protect WordPress [Expert Opinion]

WordPress is a free and open-source web-publishing software. It has been downloaded by over 30 million users worldwide. WordPress security plugins are installed along with them. The majority of WordPress users install the CMS on a single server, which is enough to protect against malicious attacks. However, the number of users who run WordPress on a multi-server environment, such as on a single VPS or shared hosting, is growing rapidly. This is the reason why there is significant concern about the increasing number of security holes in the WordPress platform.

According to a WordFence study, it was estimated that 90,000 attacks  per minute on WordPress.

There are many security plugins ready for download. In this post, we are going to look at some of the best WordPress security plugins to help you secure your WordPress blog. Are you a blogger or website owner looking to keep your website safe? Then go ahead and check out this blog. 

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15 WordPress Security Plugins To Protect WordPress

1. Sucuri 

Sucri is a website security panel in regards to all aspects and entities of website security. It is free to all WordPress users. It is absolutely free to all WordPress users. Sucuri helps in domains like security activity auditing, file integrity monitoring, remote malware scanning, blocklist monitoring, effective security hardening, post-hack security actions, security notifications, website firewall. Sucri is a globally recognized authority panel. 


2. iThemes Security 

iThemes Security keeps your website safe and intact. It works 24/7 to give your website the utmost protection. iThemes Security prevents WordPress hacks, WordPress security breaches, WordPress malware, stop automated attacks, monitors for suspicious activity, strengthens user credentials, scans for vulnerable plugins and themes to apply updates, blocks bad bots, and reduces scam, automatically takes action on your behalf to secure the site. 

3. Wordfence Security 

Wordfence Security is the best free WordPress security plugin. It has an endpoint firewall and malware scanner, which helps to build ground up and protect WordPress. It keeps the website safe from malware signatures and malicious IP addresses. 

4. McAfee secure 

McAfee is known as the best and leading organization for malware and hacks testing of websites.McAfee is highly secure. McAfee is a suitable woo-commerce security plugin running an eCommerce site because it gives the customers security while purchasing from your website. McAfee provides the following; it boosts customer trust, and it allows you to customize where the security badge appears. 

5. MalCare Security 

MalCare is one click automated malware removal. It detects malware that many others ignore. It has an auto-cleaning feature that cleans your website without any waiting. MalCare Security offers features like malware removal, WordPress firewall, malware scan, login protection, WordPress hardening, WordPress hardening, WordPress management, and white label solution. 

6. WPS scan

WPS scan is a free, for non-commercial use, black box WordPress security scanner curated for blog maintainers and security professionals to test the Security of their sites. 

It is a notable WordPress security plugin. WPS keeps a check on website security and their associated vulnerabilities, themes that are installed and associated with the website, usernames enumeration, password strength, database dumps, error logs, media file enumeration, full path disclosure, and much more. 

7. Defender 

Defender is the best WordPress security plugin which adds all the security plugin you need. Defender is the works with just a few clicks away. It helps stop force attacks, SQL injections, cross-site scripting XSS, and many WordPress vulnerabilities. It also helps with defender malware scans, IP blocking, two-factor authentication login security, and much more. 

8. Bulletproof Security 

Bulletproof Security is the ultimate Security for your website. It is a reliable, easy, and effective WordPress security plugin. It has a malware scanned, DB backup, firewall, and login security. It has many pro features like front end/backend maintenance mode, hidden plugin folders,jTC anti-spam, and much more. 

9. Block Bad Queries 

Block bad queries are also called BBQ. It protects the website against a plethora of threats. It keeps track of the incoming threats and protects them against a wide range of attacks. It protects against many threats like SQL injection attacks, Executable file uploads, directory traversal attacks, Unsafe character requests, Excessively long requests, PHP remote/file execution, XSS, XXE, and related attacks. Protects against bad bots, Protects against bad referrers and bad requests, and much more. 

10. Google authenticator 

Google Authenticator is a software-based authenticator. Two-step verification services are implemented using a Time-based One-time Password algorithm (TOTP) by google authenticator. Google authenticator is also used as password managers for file hosting services and much more. 

11. Site Guard WP Plugin

SiteGuard WP login provides improvised WordPress security, 

This is a security plugin that specializes in login attacks and provides protection and management capabilities. It provides great Security for WordPress websites and is a minimalist WordPress security. 

12. Secu Press

Secure is the best WordPress security plugin. It has the following features; anti brute force login, blocked IPs, and a firewall. It is effective in blocking visits from bad bots. It has a great UI and is an easy-to-use interface. It also has pro features like alerts and notifications, geolocation blocking, two-factor authentication, and much more. 

13. Security Ninja

Security ninja is the best WordPress security plugin, and it takes measures against attacks. It is a powerful and easy tool to use. It is effective in security testing and vulnerability warning. Security ninja runs 50+ security tests in an instant at one go. 

Security ninja is an all-in-one security solution for any site. 

14. Jetpack security 

Jetpack security provides comprehensive WordPress site security. It runs malware scanning, provides spam protection. It provides real-time auto backup and easy resorts. It also provides uptime/ downtime monitoring for free. 


15. Cerber Security 

Cyber Security is a free plugin and provides top-notch security features. It provides anti-spam features, helps create custom login pages, files scanning, checks activities for IP address, acts as a malware detector, and so much more. 

WordPress is one of the best and trusted platforms for bloggers. Make use of the above to keep your blogging platform safe and intact.  Let us know in the comments below if there is anything that you want to know about WordPress security plugins. 


WordPress security is a crucial aspect of any website maintenance strategy. The use of security plugins can help to safeguard your website from potential threats and attacks. With the right combination of plugins, you can protect your WordPress website from malicious attacks, brute force attempts, and other vulnerabilities. However, maintaining website security requires ongoing attention and expertise.

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